Teen wins lotto: rest of her life $ 1000 per week

1d5f5a69592f888031c21ba721f0a494 - Teen wins lotto: rest of her life $ 1000 per week

MONTREAL – A Canadian teenager who for the first time in her life a lot bought, there is a substantial income to show for it. The eighteen-year-old Charlie Lagarde from Montérégie to receive the rest of her life, $ 1000 (approximately 625 euros) per week, messages Canadian media.

Charlie Lagarde: the rest of her life $ 1000 per week.

Lagarde, bought the winning scratch ticket of $ 4 and a bottle of bubbeltjeswijn this month to her eighteenth birthday to celebrate. She won the jackpot and had to choose between a lump sum of a million dollars or lifetime income, report Loto-Québec. She got because of her age, the advice for that last option.

,,It is tax-free, so it is equivalent to a salary of over $ 100,000 per year”, said a spokesman of the loterijbedrijf. ,,It was her first loterijticket ever and they had a winning instance to deal with it.” The teenager has her price now officially picked up. Lagarde is planning to go traveling, but also studied photography.

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