“Strengthen bridges and roads, for tanktransport’

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BRUSSELS – To a ’military highway’ in Europe to achieve this, EU countries in the construction or renovation of infrastructure take into account the requirements for, for example, the maximum height and weight of heavy military equipment. Not everywhere in Europe are bridges and (rail)roads is now robust enough for the transport of tanks.

Federica Mogherini

The European Commission states this in an action plan for military mobility. The military staff of the EU in the middle of this year to map how the technical specifications of the infrastructure should look like. Next year is determined which parts of the transport network suitable for military transport, as well as a list of issues that have to be addressed first. Possible additional EU-funding.

To quickly to be able to operate in a threat, the plan provides for further streamlining and simplification of customs rules and administrative procedures for military transport. Now even for exercises in another country has a forest of procedures and rules to be followed, since there is often ammunition or other dangerous goods are transported.

“By military mobility within the EU to facilitate, we can more effectively crises occur, our missions more efficiently develop and respond more quickly to challenges”, said EU commissioner Mogherini, responsible for defence. Commission president Juncker sees the plans as a step towards a full European Defence Union in 2025.

More than twenty EU member states participate in this special program, in which NATO is involved. The netherlands plays a leading role in this so-called PESCO-project, which stands for structural defence cooperation.

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