Spielberg is not happy with ’Spielburger’

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Steven Spielberg is honored that the well-known American burger Carl’s Jr. a citizen to him wants to mention, the so-called ’Spielburger’, but don’t want the fast-food chain, their plan is actually continuing. That report American media.

In the video of the Carl’s Jr. shows the fast-food chain, the ’Spielburger’ on the basis of several films of Steven Spielberg, including ’E. T.’ (1982).

Carl’s Jr. left last Monday via social media to know their Charbroiled Sliders now ’Spielburgers’ to call, as a tribute to the producer and his latest film Ready Player One. How nice of Spielberg, this gesture also took in, he saw, not to his own burger. Via a video on social media showed the multiple “oscar” Italian know flattered, but at the same time resolutely what was his decision. “Sorry guys, I skip this for a moment. You can not a burger to me, not to mention, how good they are.”

Carl’s Jr. responded sporty and posted the video of Steven on their own Twitter account. “Oh my god, Steven Spielberg has responded to our idea! Okay, he goes there or not agree, but nice that he at all has responded!”

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