Russians fly again along the coast of North America

MOSCOW – The Russian armed forces are for the first time since the time of the Soviet Union once again started to flee for the combating of submarines along the North American coast. This has the minister of Defence Sergey Sjojgoe said Wednesday according to Russian media.

Russians fly again along the coast of North America

Sergey Sjojgoe

Sjojgoe said that a special aircraft designed for the detection of submarines for the first time since the soviet era are oversized a training flight has been carried out over the north Pole and along the American coast. It is part of the strengthening and modernisation of the Northern Fleet.

Russia is busy with the military presence along the north coast and in the arctic region to expand and modernise. That happens, for example, on the islands of French Jozefland, approximately 1200 km north-east of Murmansk. There is the new and most northern military base, Arctic Clover, risen from the dead. The complex is permanently staffed with approximately 150 people.

Russia provides that the warming of the earth for waterways is in the arctic. In addition, it will be easier to the raw materials of the arctic region to mining.

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