Ruben van der meer wants daughters empowerment against bullying

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Ruben van der meer finds it important that his daughters are resilient, he says Wednesday in Nieuwe Revu. Therefore, he teaches them boxing in his studio.

“My youngest daughter has a pair of glasses, and without those glasses she sees really very little. That glasses is at school, a time taken to bullying,” says the comedian. “Then you have this conversation, in the context of all kinds of programs against bullying. I have, therefore, no sense in it.”

“I teach her here boxing on the bag, and at last she takes her glasses off and we are going to spruce it up, so they’re used to a few punches to hand out if her glasses are taken away. Because it happens not more. So his children: I take your glasses off, haha, now you can be nothing more. No, haha, but now have you a nosebleed, now you can be nothing more. Ready, laughed at, glasses back, over.”

In addition to boxing with his daughters, looks at Van der meer also like watching old movies with them. “I’ve had them last the ten best scenes from the Jacky Chan show, and be told: that is really, eh. He did all of this himself. That made quite an impression on them. Especially knowing that he is all those stunts really did, and themselves.”


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