Romy Monteiro runs behind with plan wedding

e22b8b7b7cada4c100da544d3110c8e8 - Romy Monteiro runs behind with plan wedding

Singer Romy Monteiro wanted to be this summer with her fiancé, Django of the Rhine to be married, but that will not happen. “If I have one good tip you can give to upcoming brides: start on time with a plan.”

“I have not done, which I now achterloop and we have no wedding date.” Monteiro (25) said Wednesday in Grazia magazine that she is still busy with plans.

The singer says there for relaxing under. “I’m always nice and spontaneous, so I feel no pressure. I am, however, that I am no bridezilla am; I feel very relaxed. If I but a nice dress and my husband and family there on the big day, it is good. For the rest, are the all details for me.”


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