Police looking for ’Kevin De Bruyne’

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LEUVEN – Kevin De Bruyne has the police behind him. At least, the lookalike of the Belgian international. The university police are looking for the double of the football player of Manchester City, because he on march 16 involved would have been in a bicycle crash in the same city.

The real Kevin De Bruyne

The ’Leuven Kevin De Bruyne’ collided with his bike against a person with a red tricycle. The latter was also transported to the hospital. But neither party called the emergency services.

On Facebook let Studentenflik Police Leuven know that bystanders the man on the bike is described as the ’Limburg Kevin De Bruyne’. “Which (according to witnesses) Limburg Kevin de Bruyne lookalike student recognizes this and can give us some more info about the accident?”


However, let them know that the lookalike is continue to wait after the accident. “So, it is not to vluchtmisdrijf because that man is good, and continue to wait, but for one reason or another, the police are not met. We have the information need of the man for the further processing of the paperwork,” said commissioner Marc Vranckx against The Latest News.

There were no tips that came in.

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