Photo Jimi Hendrix is stolen”

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A picture of Jimi Hendrix on his guitar playing, appears on all sorts of things, but the man who took the photo ever made says that Hendrix’ family has been robbed. He has referred the matter to the court, reports TMZ.

Jimi Hendrix

David Sygall says that he has a photoshoot did with Jimi in the sixties, during a rehearsal. He photographed the gitaargod on his Fender-guitar plays with the eyes closed. The picture of the classic Hendrix-pose was to see in the magazine Guitar World in 2002.

According Sygall, he has the picture licensed to the magazine, but not to Jimi’s family. Who, without his consent, by Purple Haze Properties of the photo used for the website of the company, on social media, marijuana products, and credit cards.

Jimi’s brother Leon Hendrix and his business partner run Purple Haze Properties and are said to have negotiated with Sygall for use of the photo. According Sygall, there is never a deal, but the picture is still in use.

The photographer claims that Purple Haze stops with the use of the picture and makes claim to the proceeds.

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