Painful error grave Mulisch?

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Harry Mulisch is buried at a place that falsely by the Amsterdam cemetery Zorgvlied is removed. At least, that is what Allert de Lange, who, in 2014, discovered that the graves of his grandparents are emptied, claims. The man and his family are demanding a compensation of 90,000 euros.

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Harry Mulisch

“That you don’t expect, that your grandparents suddenly disappeared,” says The Long at The Moment. “Then you seek in vain. Until the administration learns that the bones away and ontraceerbaar, stored somewhere with the remains of other winter counts.”

Then The Long four years ago the ashes of his deceased sister wanted to scramble at the last, he came to the discovery that the graves of his grandparents have been cleared. In one of them is the in 2010 deceased Mulisch. The next of kin of the author, however, need not be afraid of them, the same fate is to wait as Long and his family. “We want them to not do what us happened, there we are, from the outset, be clear about it,” said Long at The Moment.

Everlasting grafrecht

The family has the cemetery become the judge dragged and was a historic contract, stating that the grandparents everlasting grafrecht with the cemetery have agreed on. According to Long, there is even included, that no law of the contract may destroy it.

Yet think differently. At The Moment let a spokesperson of the cemetery know that in the early nineties, with the new Law on the Funeral and a local ordinance of the municipality of the everlasting grafrecht is abolished. “We have all the rules held. Among others, tried to with the family to get in touch by the placing of signs on the tomb.”


Yet, the family has a new grave with a memorial, but that looks Long not to sit. “That doesn’t make any sense, a tomb where nothing in is. We are our grandparents are gone and we must now live with it.” The 90,000 euros that the family requires, is calculated on the basis of the value of the two graves, the attorney’s fees and moral damages. Should the court decide that the family the compensation is given, then a portion thereof to stichting Kika.

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