’Olcay lie’

80a653bc0e6936cb352824c8b9e27a65 - ’Olcay lie’

Olcay Gülşen, take it not so close to the truth, claims to Quote journalist Sonny Motké in News.

Olcay Gülşen

“She claimed to ever Quote to be declared a Business Babe of the Year, and which price we have not even. Also she says that her company has ever purchased an American IT-girl, Eva Riley, but no one has this woman ever seen or spoken to.”

And perhaps the worst, due to its bankruptcy: “She claimed that 2017 is the most profitable year ever was. They could, in theory, refers to a record in online sales, but they are not winstrecords, absolutely not.”

It is a witness according to the journalist is also not of the correct sense that they are now so much on tv. “There are families on the street.”

Olcay showed the program that they do not recognize the allegations.

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