Of Wood in musicalparodie Expedition Island

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Jelka van Houten, Ferry Doedens and John buijsman, and more go playing the lead roles in the musicalcomedy Expedition Island. Also, among others, Lone van Roosendaal, Dennis Willekens and Rutger de Bekker are seen in the show, made producer Rick Engelkes Wednesday known.

Jelka van Houten

The musical is inspired by the television show Expedition Robinson and it’s about three families who have to survive on a desert island. The direction is in the hands of Martin Michel and Joep Onderdelinden.

The performance is on October 28, in premiere in Theater De Meervaart in Amsterdam. After touring the show to march 2019 along with 54 Dutch theatres.

It is not the first time that Engelkes a show based on a television program. The piece of Vamos!, that this season was to be seen, is inspired by programs if I leave and The helm. Therein played more Lenette van Dongen, Carolina Dijkhuizen and Cystine Carreon.

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