Must Tagliafico fear in Argentina?

6864e5f338d58316790ee738ecaa8cf4 - Must Tagliafico fear in Argentina?

Coach Jorge Sampaoli is the selection of Argentina once more to the light after the failure against Spain.

Nicolas Tagliafico

“This race is going to have consequences”, grumbled he, after the lost practice game (6-1). “This allowed us at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia does not happen.”

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For Sampaoli was the absence of the injured Lionel Messi no excuse for the beating. “I’m going to the match to analyze, and then my conclusions and measures to come,” he said. “First, I need my emotions back under control. Afterwards I look at what the players to Russia.”

Jorge Sampaoli let themselves go.

Possible the defeat of Argentina also consequences for Nicolas Tagliafico. The full Ajax had a rise to the world champion. It was his third international match.

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