Mother of Piet Huysentruyt died of cancer

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Denise Creupelant, the mother of televisiegezicht and chef Piet Huysentruyt, last night at the age of 79 died after a battle against liver cancer. “She is quietly, peacefully gone to sleep”, has the chef today, declared on The Latest News.

In november last year confirmed Piet Huysentruyt in the Radio 1 program “The Gang of Annemie” that his 79-year-old mother again had to fight against cancer. He then declared that they are metastases in her liver.

Last week got the televisiekok during his world tour for his michelin starred restaurant Likoké in South Africa phone from his family. “If I still wanted to see it, I had to return quickly, she said. I still have a week to her sit,” said Huysentruyt in the newspaper.

Televisiekijkend Flanders taught “Granny Huysentruyt know in the tv show “Offspring” on FOUR, where the wife of the Congolese coffee plantation and visited she and her husband Walter used to be possessed. “We had in 1960, headlong flights, we were every day threatened with death,” said Denise about her time in the former Belgian colony. They returned to Belgium with empty hands and built a new life by linens and towels to sell. At the end of 1970 began the couple for themselves with the company Huysentruyt Textiles, which still exists today.

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