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‘Mona Lisa’ gets house arrest

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The ‘Mona Lisa’ is too old to travel, says the Louvre. The museum has the French cultuurminister Françoise Nyssen politely made it clear that her idea for a ‘grand tour’ is not feasible.

To ‘cultural segregation’, suggested cultuurminister Françoise Nyssen to French masterpieces by the country to travel. Including the Mona Lisa. So didn’t have anyone to Paris. They launched the idea on a new year’s reception, and in the course of march she repeated it on the radio.

But the Mona Lisa is mostly nowhere to go. That has Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez in all discretion to the minister to let us know. That has Art Newspaper obsolete.

Next year, the Louvre has an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa not even one floor moved. The painting is with its 515 years too old to be moved. That would be irreparable damage can cause.

The last time the painting was loaned, was in 1974. When was the show in Japan. Since 2005, hangs in the Louvre against a concrete wall. It’s in a sealed enclosure behind bullet-proof glass, in a klimaatbeheerste environment.

Leonardo da Vinci painted on a wooden panel. That has a crack on the top, up to the hairline of the woman depicted. Temperature fluctuations can crack and increase the layers of paint affect.

Cultuurminister Nyssen now suggests that other French masterpieces on tour.

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