Minute of silence for the dead ‘hero’ hostage

13d8358eb4634079e73542058c79c677 - Minute of silence for the dead 'hero' hostage

PARIS – French police have a minute of silence observed for their fallen colleague Arnaud Beltrame. He got a heldenstatus because he during the hostage crisis in Trèbes took the place of a hostage. The officer of the gendarmerie died from the injuries that he suffered by the terreuractie, that four people in the lives.

The authorities made via Twitter announced that employees of the police and the gendarmerie for a minute fell silent. Minister Gérard Collomb (Home Affairs) expressed also his respect for Beltrame, who is also outside of France will be honored. Even when the main offices of the Dutch police depends on Wednesday, the flag at half mast.

That is also the case with the buildings of the European Commission. “We are enormously indebted to this hero,” according to the daily governance of the EU.

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