Marly van der Velden returns in GTST

aaf79d6a7db4704a973f2c5a5c37a0c5 - Marly van der Velden returns in GTST

11 april is the day: will Marly van der Velden after months of absence back in Good times, Bad Times. Her character Nina Sanders will return from hong Kong, in real life the maternity leave of Marly last.

On October 30, is Marly gave birth to daughter Jackie-Rey. It is the second child for Marly and her friend Mike. In 2014 she gave birth to all of Sammy-Rose. The actress is looking forward to getting started to go, so let them know on RTL: “I am really looking forward to that the normal life is about to begin, in order to play. I also find it quite fun to see all my colleagues again.”

April 11, on Video to see how ’Nina’ quit unexpectedly when her boyfriend Bing on the sidewalk. A week later, Marly is also to be seen on RTL4.

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