Lol at a ‘special’ thank you Lukaku

6345e3980b375f9d5a681dc06bdfce7e - Lol at a 'special' thank you Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku is since november last year top scorer of all time with the Red Devils.

Romelu Lukaku to thank his teammates in his own unique way

In the practice duel me, Saudi Arabia (4-0), it was again two times touch for Lukaku. His second goal was Big Rom within shoot after a pass from Eden Hazard.

The way Lukaku his joy and then in the direction of the Hazard expressed in the eyes of Dries Mertens, who, with his nose on top was something of an exaggeration. “There are other ways for us to thank Rom..’, he wrote with a picture of Lukaku suggestive or unhappy, weeping for his teammates.



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