Lieke Martens is out with FC Barcelona

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Shanice van de Sanden with Olympique Lyon in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The French were at FC Barcelona with 1-0 too strong after Lyon at home with 2-1, had won. The Sanden started on the bench and came into the final stage on the field. When the Spaniards played Lieke Martens the full 90 minutes.

The biggest favourite of Lyon in the Champions League

The heenwedstrijd in France in 2-1 for the Sanden and her team mates.

Lyon was the biggest favourite. In terms of budgets and athletic performance, it is after all the biggest club of Europe. The past two seasons won Lyon already in the Champions League.

Manchester City also won in the second game of Linköpings FC: 3-5 in Sweden after 2-0 in England. Tessel Afternoon remained at ManCity on the bank.

VfL Wolfsburg kept Slavia Prague in the Czech republic at 1-1. The German team had the home game with 5-0 win. Wolfsburg is playing in the semi-finals against Chelsea or Montpellier, the French team of Anouk Dekker.

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