Lauren Verster had earlier children wanted

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Lauren Verster (37) had much earlier to children want to start. The presenter, January 29, gave birth to her first child, asked “all the while wondering why she does this not made earlier”.

“It feels so fine, such a little one”, says the presenter Wednesday in the ochtendshow of Lex Gaarthuis on Radio 10. “I find it really delicious, it is so cozy.”

Also if they have a time, a lesser day, you can enjoy Verster of her daughter. “Then I look at her and then I think: oh, it’s all good. With that delicious puffed her cheeks. It is now, of course, still a baby, so the only thing she does is drink milk and poop and puke. They actually have nothing for, but I love the whole world of her. I’m in love and I think, yes.”

The 37-year-old presenter does not think that they are another person has become through motherhood. “I think that I have actually not changed very much am. There is only a kind of warmer basis in my life. There really is something to come. It has made me calmer, made, let them keep it.”

Lauren Verster and her friend Jasper Diepeveen were on January 29, the parents of a daughter Lina.


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