Kim Jong-un is indeed in China

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SEOUL – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has from Sunday to Wednesday, a onofficeel visit to China. There has the North Korean leader met with Chinese president Xi Jinping. That have the Chinese state news agency Xinhua and the North Korean news agency KCNA confirmed.

It was the first visit abroad of Kim since in 2011, he came to power. He shook Xi Jingpin the hand.

It was the first visit abroad of Kim since in 2011, he came to power. He traveled, like his father, Kim Jong-il to China in a special armoured train and has returned to North Korea.


The two leaders had, according to the Chinese news agency at a meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. During the talks, Xi four proposals for improving the relationship with North Korea. Kim has the Chinese president to know that he is willing to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula and a meeting with the US.

,,The problem of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula can be resolved, if South Korea and the United States respond to our gestures of good will, an atmosphere of peace and stability that we want and at the same time also progressive measures for the realization of peace want to take,” said the 34-year-old Kim.

Xi stressed that the friendship between the two countries should continue. The Chinese president also invited Kim accepted to a visit to North Korea.

The White House has announced that president Trump Tuesday by China informed about the visit of Kim. We understand from these developments that our campaign of maximum pressure the right atmosphere creates for a dialogue with North Korea”, was the statement from the White House.

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