Jeff Goldblum: everyone thinks I’m dead

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For many years already, going on the internet messages around that Jeff Goldblum is dead, and at one point believed even his own mother this hoax, said the actor in an interview with Andy Cohen during the show Watch What Happens Live.

Jeff Goldblum

“Someone once online said that I am of a cliff in New Zealand cases. Even before I could call was my mother all on the line to ask if everything will be all right with me”, says Jeff. According to the Jurassic World star was his mother not the only one who was worried. “Then called a friend of me, hysterical and in tears. Because I was not directly recorded, he spoke to a very emotional message. He really thought I was dead.”

The hoax around Goldblum dating back to 2009, when a website reported that the actor of a cliff had fallen. The article went viral on Twitter and so thought all the world that Jeff had died. The actor responded in the most private person on his ‘death’: “People, I am still alive and kicking! I was not even in New Zealand when this message, the world turned, so believe this story, especially not.”

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