Jan Hautekiet writes dictation

bd4b5276b3f6d7bd91ae0d5264a2e28c - Jan Hautekiet writes dictation

In december 2016, wrote A. F. Th. van der Heijden, the last Great Dictation of the Dutch language. Although there are always a lot of well-known Flemish and Dutch to the annual event participated, was the interest from outside not big enough anymore. The live-broadcasts on the Dutch and Flemish public broadcasting were barely viewed. Sin, was Jan Hautekiet, that spelling feels very strongly about. And so organizes the radio producer on Friday, april 6 once a Hautekietdictee. Know GVA. He chose Christophe Vekeman, in 2014 itself, the dictation won, from to write a text. The precise location of the dictation will be soon published.

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