Investigation after racism towards Pogba

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The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA proposes an investigation into possible racist behaviour of Russian football fans at the friendly between Russia and France on Tuesday in Saint-Petersburg (1-3).

Paul Pogba during the international match with Russia the victim of racism.

The FIFA gives in response to a call from the French minister of sports. Bewindsvrouw Laura Flesselles asked for clarification after the alleged incidents in the Krestovski Stadium, next summer at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS one of the gaming locations.

“Racism doesn’t belong on the football field”, left Flesselles via Twitter know. “We need joint international action to put an end to this intolerable state of things.”

Shortly after the call of the French minister made the wereldvoetbalbond known that an investigation has been launched. “We have information and evidence to collect after the messages in the media”, showed the FIFA know.

According to observers, were the French international Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Ousmane Dembélé (Barcelona) was the target of racist spreekkoren. Especially when taking a corner kick were the insults to hear.

Russia has a bad reputation in terms of racism in football stadiums. The disciplinary committee of UEFA has in the past seasons in various penalties to the Russian clubs handed out for misconduct of fans. In the coming world cup hopes FIFA that excesses are prevented.

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