Hopeful dreams in Cath Luyten

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In the third episode of Today about a year Cath Luyten a number of people that in 2017 something special wanted to achieve in one year’s time. They have their goal achieved? That they will come after a year tell Cath, which together with the viewers discover their dream have reached and the most important moments from their turbulent year relive.

On Thursday 29 march will receive Cath Luyten maastricht, the Shari (31) and Ivo (39), which is finally pregnant want to get. Also, Octavia (21) from Ghent (East-Flanders) comes along with Cath – she wants to go to Ghana, travel to her grandfather on the father’s side to meet before he dies. Sven (23) from Zele (Eastern Flanders) wants, in spite of a non-congenital brain injury, his driver’s license. Sarah (39) from Kessel (Antwerp) tells Cath that she is a children’s book about burn-out wants to write to her children to explain what they are going through. And brave Lauren (18) from Hamont-Achel (Limburg) wants after her recovery from an aggressive form of meningitis can go back to dancing.

hari (31) & Ivo (39) from Overpelt (Limburg) – “Today, about a year, we are pregnant”
“I’d rather have a life with pain and a baby, a life without pain and without a baby.” – Shari
For the past ten years are Shari and Ivo a couple. But that love was not yet sealed with a baby. Shari is suffering because of endometriosis, a condition in which adhesions formed in the abdominal cavity. That goes to Shari accompanied with excruciating stomach pains which will not work.
A surgery, the adhesions, albeit temporarily, to remove. Only then would Shari be possible to get pregnant may become, through ivf. The endometriosis and the pain will, anyway, return, but by then it is Shari, hopefully mommy has become.

Octavia (21) – “Today, about a year I for the first time, my grandfather in Ghana met”
“I want my grandfather to meet before it’s too late, otherwise, I myself never forgive.” – Octavia
Octavia and her friends compared to a Bounty: brown on the outside and white on the inside. Her father, although of Ghanaian origin, but she has never been in touch with her African roots. It is the mirror that her always reminded that they are not a full-blooded Ghent. But the last time Octavia the urge to feel in order to go in search of her origins.

Her grandfather on the father’s side is in poor health and he wants to Octavia, the eldest of all his grandchildren, to meet before he dies. She feels that the time has now come to Ghana to travel and her African family.

Sven (23) – “Today, about a year I want my drivers licence”
“If I get my driving license get, I am BOB for all my friends” – Sven
Sven was born with a heart defect. In his preschool he underwent five openhartoperaties, but that did not prevent him to have a normal childhood. But a leaky heart valve was a new surgery on his 19th necessary. During this surgery, things went thoroughly wrong: a blood clot ended up in his brain and had far-reaching consequences. Sven ran a brain injury, and the doctors feared that he be permanently paralyzed. Sven laid there, not just up and started an arduous rehabilitation with the support of his extended group of friends. He taught again steps, although his left side for always less remain mobile. His memory and concentration will never be what they have been, but Sven continues to be an eternal optimist.

Svens ultimate dream is his driving licence, so that he no longer must depend on his many friends. It is a severe test, because Sven must not only pass the driving test, by his limitation, he must also physical and mental tests to take.

Sarah (39) – “Today, about a year I want a children’s book about burn-out and have written”

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