Herman Brusselmans hooked on the blue mannenpilletje

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Writer and televisiefiguur Herman Brusselmans puts it in an interview with Humo: not under the chairs or benches that he has been viagragebruiker. “If you have a headache, you take a pill. Why would you not do the same if the below does not marches?” he says.

“A few years ago I got an erection. According to the doctor because I was too tall and too much smoking. My veins are becoming thus close and the blood flows harder to my penis.” So says Brusselmans.“I use it because I have a lot of sex I have with my girlfriend, but I do suffer from side-effects. Heart palpitations and dizziness, but particularly: an extremely high body temperature.” These are just some of the many side effects that the taking of such pills can have. “I take Vivanza and because of that, the least side effects.”, according to the writer.

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