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Heineken bows to criticism of ‘racist’ commercial

a25d1aaaf5da2460bb81858d34ae51bb - Heineken bows to criticism of ‘racist’ commercial

Biergigant Heineken has an advertising campaign withdrawn after the American singer Chance the Rapper the tagline: ‘Sometimes, lighter is better’, a ‘horrible racist’ had been mentioned.

In the commercial for Heineken Light beer is a hesitant woman at the end of the bar. The bartender spots the woman with a pair of binoculars, and serves her a lightbierflesje. That beer slides first pass a black lady and a black musician. If the woman is ultimately the bottle grabs appears the slogan: ‘Sometimes, lighter is better’ (‘Sometimes light is better).

Hiphop star Chance the Rapper called the commercial on social media ‘incredibly racist’. He hesitated to say that they do to criticising, but the clip is ‘so bad’ that it is ‘the heart had. The rapper suspect that companies are intentionally racist campaigns to develop additional attention. “I notice how often it happens and suspect that they are consumers and twitter users want to be driving.’

The brewery, meanwhile, has the campaign withdrawn. “Although we find that the commercial refers to our Heineken Light beer, we have the shelf misgeslagen and we take the feedback to heart’, let the giant know in a press release. “We will bring in the development of our future campaigns.’

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