‘Had the Orange within two minutes, red got’

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England seemed to be against Italy a narrow victory to steven, until the Italians in the 87th minute at the questionable end. It was 1-1.

James Tarkowski goes with the abiter in discussion.

On the basis of the movie knew of the arbitration, a penalty, which is Lorenzo Badge was used. After seeing the video decided arbitrator Deniz Aytekin James Tarkowski, the Italian Federico Chiesa on onreglementaire way had knocked out.

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“I think the rule is that it should be very clearly. That is this situation definitely not. You can here the whole day to discuss it”, was the national coach of England, Gareth Southgate know. “I do not think that VAR (the video system, red.) this gives clarity.”

“It seems that Tarkowski on his feet, but Chiesa was already to the ground,” continued Southgate, opposite the BBC. “The system can be successful. If we have that system from the Netherlands (last Friday in Amsterdam, red.) had, we would a penalty have been given and the counterparty, within two minutes, red had.”


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