Full cast of “The colleagues 2.0” is known

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Exactly 40 years after the iconic tv series “The Colleagues” on the then BRT, starting mid-may of 2018, the recordings of “The Colleagues 2.0”, a new feature film based on the concept of the legendary colleagues.

Earlier it was already known that Ben Segers, actor and avid collector of “Colleagues”, the role of Freek Van Praet (the character of Jean De Pesser in the original series). The other cast was this afternoon during a press conference in Genk announced by director Jan Verheyen: Steve Geerts (Spitsbroers, All the Family, With Male and Power) takes the role of head of Alexander The Great, Veerle Dobbelaere (Ghent West, head over heels, SM Judge) plays the director and Ikram Aoulad (The Second Face, Cordon) the executive secretary.

The various case managers are played by Eva van der Gucht (The Doctor Bea Show, Everybody Famous!), Tatyana Beloy (Ghent, West, Urgent), Mathijs F. Scheepers (Spitsbroers, Dead Angle), Mathias Vergels (at Home, North sea Texas), Jurgen Delnaet (Halfway, Aanrijding in Moscou) and newcomer Loes Swaenepoel. Steph Goossens finally plays the logistics employee.

Director Jan Verheyen was taken on board in order to legendary colleagues from under the dust to pick up and to breathe new life into. He is particularly pleased with this ensemblecast: “There is the past months worked hard to find the ‘new Colleagues’, and I am very happy with the group that it has become. It is a, I think, surprising combination of new and familiar faces from both film, theatre and television. Many people with whom I have not previously worked I, and that also have not yet joined, have played a ‘random’ group, so, just like real colleagues, who by fate are brought together. I already have a number of ensemblefilms may direct (Team Spirit, Zot van A., the two F. C. The Champions-movies) and it is always fascinating to discover what are the group dynamics created and how reality and fiction influence each other. I look forward to an exciting adventure with an extraordinary group of talented individuals.”

Also the original your colleagues will see in the film. Starring Bob Van Der Veken, René Verreth, Nellie Rosiers, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert, Agnes De Nul, Nora Tilley and Johny Voners are already of the party. The scenario is from the hand of Sam Fierens and Mathias Pagnaer.

Synopsis: The colleagues get a new head. Alexander wants the slabakkende department work together, but hits to indifference and resistance. As a last resort, he takes them on teambuildingweekend where it appears that there is more to the game than first thought,…

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