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Fortnite: the most popular free game

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If your children play computer games, chances are that they are now a way shoot by Fortnite. A free game where the creators tackle to earn money.

What are we talking about?

Fortnite Battle Royale is a computer game in which you (online) to win against 99 other players. The goal is simple: all the other players try to turn it off. To you …

What are we talking about?

Fortnite Battle Royale is a computer game in which you (online) to win against 99 other players. The goal is simple: all the other players try to turn it off. To increase your odds, you can on the way all kinds of weapons and other stuff to collect and (temporary) alliances form.

Play hide and seek for the rest to each other, massacred, does not work, because it all happens on an island that is plagued by a growing storm that is the players towards each other drives. The last man standing wins in the end.

Think of the children!

That may be pretty violent sound, but all in all that still. It all looks a little realistic and the blood dripping off of the screen. Fortnite is leaning from that point of view much closer to at Minecraft – another top model for young players than at, say, Call of duty. The goal is of course to the opposition, but that is cartoonish, and the fact that there is a lot to be built, makes a lot more digestible for concerned parents.

There is also another version of this (Save the world) in which the player taking on zombie-like monsters.

New, but not revolutionary (except the price)

Spectacular innovative Fortnite : Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG, for the connoisseurs), for example, is a similar game that already exists. That looks more realistic, has a greater playing area and offers the players a choice of different weapons.

That the young players still flock to the road to Fortnite find, inter alia, by the fact that the on different platforms – Xbox One, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and even iOS to play. A not to underestimate advantage: it is free. Young players do not need to have a credit card to jengelen for them at the shooting store.

You’re not alone

All those assets together translate into success. The game dominates all kinds of downloadlijstjes and according to PC Magazine , there would be worldwide more than 45 million players. Just last month, there were at a given moment, a sloppy 3.4 million people at the same time to the play.

Games which are broadcasted live via internet channels attract many thousands of viewers. When rapper Drake two weeks ago participated in a game Fortnite, slid more than 600,000 viewers on Twitch to see how he did it. The Spanish Rubén Doblas Gundersen (‘elrubius’ for the friends) did on YouTube even better and knew more than a million spectators will show up. Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube gaming, left the day before yesterday via Twitter know that the race of Gundersen result, to date, the most successful livestream of a game. A match of the Dutch Gamemeneer from the beginning of this month, meanwhile, more than 175,000 views.

Cash register, cash register

The game may be free, that does not mean that the creators at Epic Games there is nothing to earn. According to Superdata, which specializes in figures of the game industry, released in February of 126 million dollars. That is, for the first time more than competitor PUBG (where you do have a 30 dollars must have changed hands), that the that month, with only 103 million dollars was set. When there is a version of Fortnite for iPhone came out and brought that, according to Sensor Tower the first three days immediately, $ 1.5 million, after ten days was more than $ 5 million.

That a free game as much as it generates money, because the players are still willing to open their wallets to their character in special clothes or equipment to dress. Buy better weapons is not possible: money changed hands, do you only and only to look better, not to better be able to play.

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