For 50,000 euro, Suzanne Schulting in Playboy

e3b0f4f4f7e44746b58ac536f53aa8cf - For 50,000 euro, Suzanne Schulting in Playboy

Shorttrackster Suzanne Schulting wants the best is to look in the Playboy, as long as they have paid in full. That let them know in a conversation with Emma Wortelboer for the YouTube channel Club Hub of BNNVARA.

Suzanne Schulting during the ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic medal winners

She responded, laughing at the question of Wortelboer, for which amount the Olympic gold medal-winner in the Playboy. “Haha, I’ve been there once with a team member talked about, if we are asked whether we would do.” And yes, that would they do if there is a nice amount for remitted. “If it’s really much, that you just do not really have to work – I also see this not really working.”

And what amount should we to think? On the suggestions of Wortelboer, she responds: “50K, I would are doing it for.”

Previously posed Schulting, whose buttocks the BNNVARA-presenter best if feel, already for Heroes Magazine in lingerie.

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