‘Feyenoord ran for 2 million euros wrong by scam

faff34b64f2673edc7a615f3d3040410 - 'Feyenoord ran for 2 million euros wrong by scam

Lazio Roma have Feyenoord is still a part of the transferbedrag pay for the transition of Stefan the Free to the Italian club in 2014.

Lazio defender Stefan de Vrij.

The transfer fee for The Free amounted to 8.5 million euro. According to the Italian newspaper Il Tempo has Feyenoord is still about 2 million to the good of the Roman club.

Lazio has tried the two million, but that money ended up never at Feyenoord. Instead, the rest go in a hack-system of an unknown society. Lazio would have suffered as a result of a scam. The Italian club received a fake email, that of Feyenoord seemed to come out, but this was not the case.
Justice in Italy has been for quite some time with the matter engaged. It is expected that there will be more to be known about the case.

Last week it was clear that The Free next summer to International departure.



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