Famke Louise has difficulty maintaining friendships

ccfd1ba50286d0ab71b8275c39fe472a - Famke Louise has difficulty maintaining friendships

Vlogster and singer Famke Louise can find it by its increasing prominence increasingly difficult for friendships to maintain.

“Peers have a different life than I,” says the 19-year-old Beau Monde. “They go to school, every day to eight hours and are, for example, is ready to four hours. Then they go home or spend an afternoon at the city. They do things where I don’t have time for you.”

Also the vlogger today, it is difficult to trust people. “A lot of people want to be in my neighborhood because I’m known, but not who I am. So I went a lot with someone and the person was still asking questions to tags on Instagram. To try have more followers.”

Famke Louise, known from the numbers On Me, Monnie and Fan, was recently voted the best Dutch muziekartiest on Youtube.


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