Family Skripal: ‘Gezondheidsprognoses are not good’

689ce2b3b15f4856139eb4758ba9b342 - Family Skripal: ‘Gezondheidsprognoses are not good’

The chance that ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia ever fully recover from their poisoning, is small. That sets Skripals niece Viktoria in an interview. “I just want to know how they will.’

“Everyone says that even if they recover, the long-term forecasts are not good’, says Viktoria Skripal, after her cousin Sergei, and niece Julia at the beginning of this month poisoned. Viktoria could not yet to Britain go to visit her family. ‘I just want to know where they are, and what their condition is.’

“Was it the British secret service or the Russian? I don’t know, does Viktoria situated on the plain about the culprit of the attack. “I want to also not idle gambling.’ The British, the European Union and Nato to keep Russia responsible for the attack, but Moscow denies.

Yet according to the cousin is Skripals mother is still not aware of the poisoning. The family wants her to protect for the news.

Critical, but stable

Sergey and Julia Skripal were on march 4, found unconscious on a bank in the Southern English city of Salisbury, and after them there together at the restaurant had been. According to official reports, the children in a critical, but stable condition.

Skripals woman Ljudmila died in 2012 from cancer, and his son Alexander would during a stay in Sint-Petersburg, in 2017, died of a sudden liver failure.

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