European parliament wants special train: ’Metro too complicated’

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BRUSSELS – The Belgian railways extra trains bet, so Meps on time on airport Zaventem arrive for their flight home. Also before their arrival in Brussels are extra trains required.

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Brussels-Luxembourg has the drive of the European Parliament.

That is in a this week by the begrotingscontrolecommissie of the European Parliament approved a report about the own household.

It contains numerous recommendations. The secretary-general, the official boss, among others, asked for extra trains from the Brussels-Luxembourg railway station, right next to the parliament building. He is encouraged to negotiate with the Belgian railways.

Especially during ’peak hours’ on days that there are a lot of travel by the 751 Meps, and their result, would this be necessary, also to their travel time to shorten. Furthermore, a lower CO2-emissions as an argument cited for more trains.

But it is not so that airport Zaventem poorly accessible. If the Meps the metro to the Main train Station (a few minutes ‘ walk), go there from that station many trains per hour in the direction of Zaventem. Longer than ten minutes to a quarter of an hour wait is certainly not necessary according to the timetable.

’Too complicated’

The intention to have more to travel by train is good, SP-Mep Dennis de Jong. “Some colleagues find it just too complicated to get the metro to address,” he says.

“But it that the fleet is being downsized,” said the Dutchman who in the begrotingscontrolecommissie. “That was initially also in” said The Young, but it is there for unknown reason removed.

The European Parliament has no less than 110 drivers in the fixed service which are available on demand for the Meps.

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