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Driving ban and fine for Red Devil Radja Nainggolan

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Radja Nainggolan has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. The 29-year-old Red Devil – who, on Tuesday filled in during the friendly against Saudi-Arabia – gets one-month driving ban and a fine of 1600 euros is imposed.

The facts date back to the day after the interland Belgium-Greece, almost exactly a year ago. Nainggolan would be after a night of partying in the Sint-Niklase club Exo positively blown when he was behind the wheel of a rented Audi A1. Even though he got the facts first denied, was the Red Devil, and AS Roma midfielder later with another story on the come up. He and his best friend did it that morning in the car were. “But I didn’t’, continued to be the soccer star insisted. “The car stopped with a flat tire, and I was happen to be behind the wheel.’

‘Two or three seconds lost out of sight’

Prosecutor Bart The Boes gave little faith to the story of the footballers. “It is almost impossible to have that few seconds of time that the agents in the car did not see it swap places.’

One of the politiemotards that the footballer last year verbaliseerde, came to testify in the court. “We crossed around 7 pm on the N70 a car which is abnormally slow to reed,” came the. ‘At that time I saw not who was behind the wheel of the car. In my rear view mirror I saw that the driver stopped and his car partly on the roadway parked. Then I made a u-turn. I lost the car for a maximum of two to three seconds off the eye. When I got to the car I saw that the left front flat tire to hand. After verification of the documents turned out to be the director Nainggolan.”

Afterwards, one of the two passengers in the car explain that not Nainggolan, but he himself rode, and the Red Devil at its head office, sat down even before the police arrived. “We came from the club and my friends had a glass of drink,” says ex-defender Zinho Chergui. “I wanted them home and start dropping off.’

‘Much to lose’

Nainggolan was not present during his trial and was defended by advocate Walter Daemen. Who asked the acquittal for his client. “The police did not see him drive and lost the car also from the eye. And there is someone who is black on white declares that, not Nainggolan, but he himself has ridden. There is, in this case, at least question of doubt. My client has by his fame as a footballer much to lose, and would just not go away after a night of partying.’

The court did, however, sufficiently proved that Nainggolan is indeed under the influence of alcohol, driving and sentenced him to one month driving ban and a fine of 1600 euros.

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