Danny Vera is not a festival goer

97932550ebd3061c4392495a14c34b2a - Danny Vera is not a festival goer

Danny stands next summer at festivals such as Parkpop festival and Concert at SEA. Yet the singer himself never been to a festival to bands to see live. “I’m not much of a festival goer. I only go when I play.”

“I personally don’t like large crowds,” he says in the Metro. “I’m much rather be on the stage. Crazy maybe, because I think it is always cool – especially when the weather is nice – for a festival to play, but am never as a visitor.”

The 40-year-old huiszanger of Football Inside was also used to not a fan. Look at a festival, he had probably ’frustrating’ found. “Because then, I prefer to played. I’ve only used it once, on invitation, Bruce Springsteen on Pinkpop seen. Backstage, mind you.”

Danny Vera performs on June 24, in the Zuiderpark in Den Haag at Parkpop and on 28 June show at Concert at SEA.

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