Corey Feldman attacked with knife

ffb7117ea5e623326574c2db788303c7 - Corey Feldman attacked with knife

Corey Feldman is in the hospital after someone in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday had been stabbed with a knife. The actor was in his car attacked by a man while his guards were distracted, let him know on Twitter.

“I’m in the hospital,” writes the former tieneridool at a picture of him lying in a hospital bed. “I was attacked last night. A man opened my door and stuck me with something.” Feldman speaks of happiness that only he and his security guards in the car were. “I’m OK!”, he continues.

Police officers would currently investigating the attack, which is seen as attempted murder. Itself think the actor that it is going to be a retaliation after accusations about sexual abuse in Hollywood.

In his autobiography, who in 2013 came out, it revealed Corey that he is in his teens is abused by people from the film industry. It would go to casting director Alphy Hoffman and Jon Grissom, with whom he starred in the films License To Drive (1988) and Dream A Little Dream (1989). Last year made It known that he is in the money at each other trying to get it to a docu about his life. He wants that, among others, a pedofielennetwerk in Hollywood to debunk.

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