Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also want a third child

3a4dc9584d2c720fdb66d258df33a0fa - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also want a third child

Although they haven’t even given birth of her second child, wants Chrissy Teigen like a third child. Together with her husband John Legend cherishes them the desire to also have a third child to their family to add.

“I get them, preferably all behind each other, so that they don’t care in age and then I have my old figure back,” joked the Sports Illustratedmodel compared to Us Weekly.

“Let them come, I’m fine,” said Teigen. Spouse Legend is crazy in the pregnant body of his wife. “He thinks it is completely crazy if I am pregnant. He loves my belly where our child is and wants to be there every minute of the day for us. From friends I hear that it’s not obvious and that I was lucky to be with such a compassionate man.”

In regard to a name for their upcoming son are the two not there yet: “Oh no, that is really a disaster! Even when we have our daughter Luna were, we decided only at the last moment, how she was going to be called. And for a boy, we find it even more difficult to have a fun name to think of. I think we first need to see before we name it. Now, We can think of something, but later turns out that name is not at all for him to adjust. We can see it.”


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