Chris Evans teaches accent New York police

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Play makes the circle round for the Hollywood star.

Actor Chris Evans is warmed with a few police officers from New York who has helped his Big Apple accent to perfect for his Broadway-piece of Lobby Hero.

The star of The Avengers is playing in the piece of a local police officer. He decided the assistance of the local dienders to his own accent of the rival city of Boston to cover up.

“It was difficult. It is a challenge, told Chris on the tv show New York Live. “I am warmed with a few New York police officers. I have listened and I am now at the point that I after a few beers not more decay in my Boston accent, but New York’s go talk.”

Lobby Hero is the Broadway debut for Chris, and that makes the 36-year-old actor think of the past. “As a child, we made family trips from Boston to New York. It feels like the circle is now round.”

The Broadway production revolves around a security guard in an apartment complex in Manhattan, have strict chef and a dominant police officer who, with his young female colleague in a murder investigating. It is a new version of the play in 2001. Other leading roles are there for Michael Cera, Brian Tyree Henry and British actress Bel Powley.

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