Catalan minister for police in Scotland

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EDINBURGH – The former minister of Education of the Spanish region of Catalonia has indicated to the Scottish police. Clara Ponsati is just like the former leader Carles Puigdemont, and a few other members of the government sought by the Spanish justice because the independence of Catalonia, proclaimed.

Clara Ponsati

Ponsati is also a professor at the university of the Scottish St Andrews. They came, according to eyewitnesses in the company of her lawyer to the police station of Edinburgh. A Scottish court will Wednesday decide whether or not they are on bail is released. Ponsati will her extradition challenge.

Puigdemont called last year the independence of Catalonia. He fled with four ministers to Belgium when the central government in Madrid, the procedure and authority in the region took over and the parliament offside put. Ponsati was then probably already in Scotland.

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