Bruns also a team player off the field

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Thomas Bruns (26) plays since this season in the shirt of Vitesse. For this he got six years for Heracles. With his transfer, his ambition to reach the summit one step closer. A purpose which he since his youth anything aside. As a boy of twelve, he wanted to actually already out of school, stop. He would be a professional footballer, so he informed his parents. They were lucky to convince yourself that a degree is essential, even though he would be the first team of FC Barcelona.

Thomas Bruns: “I feel privileged to have the opportunities that I got in my life.”

In addition to his efforts as a midfielder puts Bruns also be outside the field for his club. “I feel privileged to have the opportunities that I got in my life. As a footballer you have the not bad: nice clothes, good housing, good food, everything is at your fingertips. It is fine to Vitesse Involved, the social department of the football club, to be able to do. With the selection, we are committed to projects in the areas of health, employment, and against loneliness. Especially combating obesity in the city of Arnhem has much attention within the club. Overweight among children is a growing and serious problem, especially at the youth in the age of six and twelve years old.”

Vriendenloterij, civil partner Eredivisie.

With the Vitesse GOALS program, which is specifically developed for primary schools in Arnhem, wants Vitesse to children to encourage more exercise and them to tell you more about the importance of healthy nutrition. An initiative that is made possible by the VriendenLoterij (friends lottery). “Last I had at the school playground and a trail off that you with the ball of the foot had to give it up. I challenged the children out of my time to improve. In addition, if the class me all kinds of questions about nutrition and health. Especially one question was hot: or I could be a fries with mayo at?! I have told them that a fries on his time not very, but that I, as a professional player only on Sunday evening, after the end of a match if the calories are already burnt, the chips are allowed to eat and on the other days no sweets and eat healthy. That made quite an impression.”
But even if Vitesse appeal to him to do it for a G-football day, he is there immediately to poke. “If you are not afraid to getting a high-five or a spontaneous hug, that wonderful competitions.”
In addition to the social activities from the club, Thomas is an ambassador of Opportunity for a Child and he says each year, a football shirt are available for their auction.

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