British taxiverkrachter is still not free

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LONDON – A British court has a streak extracted by the scheduled release of John Radford, who for many years women abused in his taxi. Two victims were there any objections made, the messages of British media. Their lawyers argued that Radford, the commission had misled who decided that he in freedom could be made.

The sixty-year old Radford, whose name previously John Worboys was, is already ten years behind bars. He is known as the ’black cab rapist’ (rapist in a black cab), which female customers drogeerde and abused. The police suspect that he between 2002 and 2008 105 victims has made, but a court convicted him for crimes against the twelve women.

An independent commission had decided that Radford under certain conditions could be released, but now need a new balance. The court ruled that the commission not only the facts of the offence should have been taken into account for which Radford is condemned, but also the other allegations.


The controversy around the case has become the headline cost to the chairman of the commission, Nick Hardwick. He would, according to British media under the pressure left after a meeting with minister David Gauke (Justice). The minister mentioned the departure of Hardwick Wednesday “the right decision, with the eye on the serious errors made in the pronunciation of today have come to light.”

The commission, called the Parole Board must now look again at the possible release of Radford. That means that he still years.

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