British police suspect that Skripal at his home was poisoned

6223d0e54928569ee58ec8d5bc0faafb - British police suspect that Skripal at his home was poisoned

The British police Wednesday and informed them that they suspect that Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in a restaurant were poisoned, but with them at home.

Former Sergei Skripal and Julia Skripal were on march 4, found unconscious on a bank in the Southern English city of Salisbury, and after them there together at the restaurant had been. There was, as yet, assumed that the two were at the restaurant poisoned with the zenuwgif novitsjok, but the British police is now on a different track of any kind.

‘At this stage of the research, we believe that the Skripals for the very first time are exposed to the nerve gas to the front door of their house’, says Dean Haydon, head of the British antiterreureenheid. ‘We are focusing our research therefore everything as it is that day in and around their house has played.’

Haydon also underlined that local residents are no need to worry that they will possibly also exposed would have been to the toxic gas.

The assassination attempt on Skripal, ever the chief of the Russian military secret service GRU, has led to a diplomatic row between Russia and the European Union. The federal government decided yesterday that, as a result of the affair, the accreditation of a Russian diplomat will withdraw.

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