‘Appointment Selmayr looks like a coup’

c7765ca2664519470b91f0a5bd6231f2 - ‘Appointment Selmayr looks like a coup’

The Commission has the rules stretched to the ex-chief of staff of Juncker, to appoint as secretary-general.

The draft resolution of the commission budget of the European Parliament on ‘Selmayrgate’ is very strict for the European Commission. She follows at the hearing Tuesday with the European Commissioner for Personnel, Günther Oettinger. The spoedbenoeming on February 21 in two steps from Martin Selmayr, the right hand of the President of the commission Juncker, to the secretary-general looks like a coup, and that the limits of the law oprekte and possibly even too far oprekte’, it says.

The head of cabinet of Jean-Claude Juncker was in nine minutes, is appointed deputy-secretary-general and then as secretary-general. According to the parliamentary commission, where Bart Staes (Green) is a part, has the practice led to ‘widespread irritation and disapproval in public opinion, with members of the European Parliament and the European officials. The result of this procedure poses a risk to the reputation of not only the European Commission but all the institutions of the European Union’, it says.

No minutes of interviews

Thus, the commission finds that the appointment of Selmayr to deputy-secretary-general’s minutes of the interviews that he had to undergo, and that is also not mentioned anywhere is how long the calls lasted. She also has big questions at the fact that the function of secretary-general not to appoint was declared – this meant that other officers are not running. That, according to the case law of the Court of Justice only in urgent and serious cases, and if the interest of the service requires it. “This tradition of the non-publication has reached its limits. She answers no longer to the modern standards of transparency’, according to the draft resolution.

She calls upon the European institutions to put an end to the ” deploy at very of people for top positions. The Commission-Juncker must for the end of 2018, the procedures for the appointment of top civil servants reviewed. “The intention should be that the best candidates are selected, in a context of maximum transparency and equal opportunities, so that an example is made for the other European institutions.’

Staes speaks of a “pain resolution”. The plenary meeting in april about voting in Strasbourg. But first, are amendments set out. ‘If we take this text, we give a clear message to the European Commission, ” says Staes.

Read the full resolution below:

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