Apple wants Netflix to beat

fd72206a6424e2cfef20d1c944442003 - Apple wants Netflix to beat

Apple is quite a saving to the fight with Netflix and other streaming services. Know that The Morning. Currently, there are already more than a billion euros in cash to make a stamp on the televisielandschap to print. Steven Spielberg signs on for a remake of ‘Amazing Stories’, the creator of ‘La La Land’ is working on a secret project. But the most eye-catching additions are, without a doubt, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. They are the stars of a new series about a ochtendshow which Apple already has two seasons has ordered. The real work is to wait until march next year. Then the company, according to the latest reports from plan a full-fledged television offering to launch. If that happens, then Netflix, Amazon, HBO and co. had better brace. Because it seems to be Apple this time mean business.

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