Anna Nooshin lose stepfather

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The stepfather of Anna Nooshin died. She wears her weekvlog Wednesday on her ’liefvader’.

Anna Nooshin

She has her weekvlog can’t quit, leave them in the video know. “Because dad Ed, my liefvader, grandfather of the children of my sister, and partner of my mama, on march 25, died after a battle against pancreatic cancer.”

“The following images show how much we Ed have held and how warm the family was always. Rest in peace dear Ed,” writes Anna in here, while images, to follow him with the family. Also let them know provisionally what less video’s to post now that she and her family is in a grieving process sit.

The vlogster and presenter of Curvy Supermodel got a lot of sympathy on the occasion of the vlog, and thanks to Instagram everyone for the support and all the kind words. “We are like a family to each other, and I’m very happy that he is our life more beautiful. Grateful for all the love around me and to know that he now has no more pain.”

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