Zuckerberg does not come to British parliament

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LONDON – Ceo Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook will not appear in the British parliament to give explanations about the scandal around the misuse of user information. Instead, he wants staff to send, according to a statement from the American techbedrijf.

In the British parliament is asked Zuckerberg to appear before a commission. The British databedrijf Cambridge Analytica is at the heart of the scandal on Facebook. The company would, by devious means, through a friends company, the personal information of tens of millions of facebook users in the hands, to use for the campaign of Donald Trump.

The bomb around Cambridge Analytica burst thanks to a documentary by Channel 4 News. Therein scooped executives about the influence of hundreds (!) elections. Were also ex-spies, and prostitutes are used. Also, Facebook is under heavy fire.

Zuckerberg would plan technologiedirecteur Mike Schroepfer or productdirecteur Chris Cox to London.

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