Who BITE Beyoncé?!

e63b6383533d10a7144e6ed70a9789b9 - Who BITE Beyoncé?!

It is a question that currently everyone is busy: who has Beyoncé been bitten?


It is actress Tiffany Haddish that the massive excitement has caused. In an interview with the magazine GQ she told about an incident at a party last year, nota bene, the party of Jay Z. “They bite Beyoncé in her face. So Beyoncé stormed away, went to Jay Z and said, ” Jay! That b*tch..”

Eventually all was forgiven and forgotten: the actress was heavily under the drugs and behaved normally never do so. A name called Haddish. But understand that ensures that her story is tentative, no one is forgotten. Because everyone wants to know: Who bite Beyoncé?

On Twitter, it is a true whodunnit become and give fans of each other for tips and hints. Chrissy Teigen thinks that it is only one person can be. “She is the worst.” But she also does not mention any name and makes everyone crazy. As she says herself: “I can of this planet, and not leave without knowing who Beyoncé in her face bite.”

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