Whistleblower Facebookschandaal: mysterious death of predecessor

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LONDON – Former employee of Cambridge Analytica and whistleblower Christopher Wylie has a commission of the British parliament testified about the mysterious death of his predecessor at the databedrijf.

Christopher Wylie

Wylie, with striking salmon pink hairstyle, told me that his pastor Muresan in 2012 under suspicious circumstances was found in a hotel in Kenya. The local police would be bribed to the death not to investigate further. Also went there according to Wylie rumors that Muresan poisoned. He can, however, no evidence is required.

Wylie: “Cambridge Analytica did business with Kenyan politicians. If a deal goes wrong, you pay out there in many African countries the account for. Where Muresan exactly worked, I do not know.” The whistleblower says that he at the time of his arrival in 2012 did not know what happened to his predecessor happened.


The Canadian Wylie was working for Cambridge Analytica. His interviews in The New York Times and The Guardian brought the scandal to light. Cambridge Analytica would personal information of tens of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen in the USA to do with the presidential campaign of president Donald Trump.

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