Veerman: ‘The Is best defender of Premier league’

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Michel Kramer (Sparta) and Henk Veerman (SC Heerenveen) crossed recently the swords with Matthijs de ligt. The focus had to own say a heavy afternoon. “I think The Is the best defender of the Premier league”, says Veerman, the striker from SC Heerenveen.

This Is in duel with the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes.

Michiel Kramer saw last week at The Castle again, the qualities of The Lies up close and was impressed. “He has the stature of a mature guy, while he, of course, only eighteen, so that’s already an advantage. And he has, of course, what you see at all the boys from the Ajax-youth: he is on the ball just fine. He is strong in possession of the ball, has a good cross pass, a good kick with right and left.”

“What must I do?’

Veerman knew at a given moment, not where he should look. “He comes and sits everywhere in between. Matthijs has the qualities, in which the striker on a given the idea: what must I do against this guy?”

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